Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

Haru is a refugee from another world, who has devoted his new life on Midgard to mending rifts and trying to help fallouts like him. Tenma is a young girl dying of the Fade, whose desperate fiance will do anything to save. Their destinies entwine in this Manga-insp... Read more

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Balanced in an Angel’s Eye

Hael is a low-caste thrall, struggling to protect and feed her mother in a war-torn city. When she attracts the notice of an arrogant lord, she finds herself reluctantly bound to follow him to the human world, where her kind are known as angels. Every move they mak... Read more

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What Night Hides

Josh Bannerman thought he could stop running when he found a job as cook and general minion in the isolated hamlet of Wolf Hollow. Then he realises his employer is an immortal peacekeeper of the supernatural underworld and his workmate is a witch from the legendary... Read more

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Thane da Silva works for the Subrosa Negri, a secretive department charged with keeping the peace between the mundane and the Pale, those beings with a little touch of the supernatural in their genetic makeup. As the full blue moon casts a glow over Paris, Thane’... Read more

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Glide in Slowtime

Glide has the pen pusher blues until the day his black cloud of depression turns into a magic man who whisks him off to Auslan, a former paradise in need of a hero to fight the wicked witch and free the princess. But first Glide has to untangle the secret of Slowti... Read more

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Anneque Malchien’s Wicked books reviews


Anneque Malchien, author of Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked, is podcasting speculative fiction reviews fortnightly, especially short stories, serials, novellas and novel by indie authors and boutique publishers. You can listen to reviews of Balanced in an Angel’s Eye and Bastard’s Grace (which, by the way, is on special for only $1.95 in our digital store).

Shaune Lafferty Webb at SUPANOVA Brisbane, November 8-10 2013


supanova_logoShaune Lafferty Webb, author of Bus Stop on a Strange Loop and Balanced in an Angel’s Eye, will be appearing at this year’s Supanova Expo at the RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane.

You’ll find Shaune at Booth Number 207 in the RICC Building, from 1pm–7pm Friday 8 November, and from 10am–6pm Saturday and Sunday 9-10 November. She’ll be happy to meet you, chat about her books, the writing process, and anything else that takes your fancy, and sign copies of her two books.

Bus Stop cover imageBus Stop on a Strange Loop
Would you want to know?

Angel cover imageBalanced in an Angel’s Eye
They must go where angels fear to tread — Earth.

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